Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1

by PMC & Kryciz

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This album was brought to you by two artist who share the same passion for music. You will be hearing a lot of japanese influences in this album from words to melodies.


released August 5, 2014

Written By PMC & Kryciz
Produced By PMC "AdolescentBeatz"
Engineered & Mastered By AGenius
Special Thanks go out to S.T.A.R.S & A.S.T.R.O Family
"AsisGalvin" "Yuria" "D Shocka" "JayJBeats" "Raisi K" "NegroSaki"
"Natsu Fuji" "Derek Dean" "The Kao" "Shintendo64"
& Everyone else who supported & was apart of this.

soundcloud.com/pmcdadojo | PMC
soundcloud.com/kryciz | Kryciz
soundcloud.com/dshocka | D-Shocka
soundcloud.com/cheong-yee-ching-vanessa | Yuria
soundcloud.com/raisi-k-the-raisinman | Raisi K.
soundcloud.com/negrosaki | NegroSaki
soundcloud.com/natsu-the-producer | Natsu Fuji
soundcloud.com/derekdean | Derek Dean
soundcloud.com/aj-williams-3 | JayJBeats
soundcloud.com/agenius | AGenius
thek40.deviantart.com | The Kao
soundcloud.com/asisgalvin | AsisGalvin
soundcloud.com/shintendo64 | Shintendo



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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Track Name: F.H.Y.F (Intro)

Fuck how you feel..... Imma Keep It Real...

(PMC) (Bashido)
Fucks wrong with this world today.
I'm tryna get by in this world today.
I'm tryna slip an slide wit ur girl today
& As long as I'm alive yea you heard me say.
I'm pretty sure u don't live for free. Is it pretty absurd that I live for me. I'm just tryna see that victory
an I don't really give a fuck if u ain't feeling P. (so)

My dad gettin dark see they dimming his lights.
& he might just face time for the rest of his life.
An my moms feels so left. She can't figure what's right.
& I'm havin these thoughts about flipping this white.
An my life is so blessed but I'm sketchy bout Christ.
An my ex with her ex so she left me in spite.
That my life was so dim but she made it so bright.
That's the one line she gets from the shit that I write.

Packing the flubber. Stay with 2 stacks of the butter.
One to the Rim & the gym. Crash dummy muh fucka
u don't get ass muh fucka. Bring me the glass with the gin.
ima mack muhfucka. Cheese on the trap muh fucka
Stay away from u rat muh fuckas
gotta prolly be the reason when I rap i don't stutter
Out the gutter. Getting owned by this fat muh fucka. Muh fucka

Back to the story I bleed
Y'all act so I'm Back to assassin y'all creed.
I rap so she loves all the ways that I beast.
See my dick giving gas an her pussy on E.

I been gone for a minute. But I'm back what's the business.
Who could rap with illest yo Kyoto let me kill it.
took the game an put a dent in. I ain't fuckin wit u peasants
But u fucking with a menace. Took my name an reinvent it like....

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Lil mutt nigga yes i gotta plan.
dad left a year ago i can't feed the fam.
fuck the whole world cuz my shit fell apart.
niggas wanna fade to black Kyoto get dark.
i'm floating with the demons swimming with the sharks.
life a anime start a new arc.
blood sports nigga i never took a loss.
shit stay solid call me big boss.

no faith in a man got no faith in a bitch.
only scars that i have are the cuts on my wrist.
I can't get a grip. im really 2 people dam what a twist.
dancing with the devil all i see is mirrors.
HD pictures it couldn't be clearer.
blood from my eyes i only see my self.
Killing myself damn i need help.

Man fuck how you feel with a aids dick.
so close to the fame i can taste it.
link to the past with a mask and some poison in a flask.
have you praying for yo last in the basement.
like a zoldyck, how i faced death.
have yo life gone in just one breath.
must've feel from the heavens.
one winged angel im looking like sephi.
key to this shit like nigga using klefki.
running this raid stars been ready.
dishonor on kyoto niggas be headed.
Tokyo Japan where them niggas be headed.
Blood on my blade man i think i gotta fettish.
annull these niggas Bashido lemme finish.
Never had a feel so i gotta kill link my skills
like a tenma with a deal.
cursed seal man its fuck how you feel!
Track Name: CandyMan (The Arrival)

(PMC) (Bashido)
You see i'm back up on this rap shit.had to be the last hit.
had to do it quick. i just couldn't leave this rap shit.
still up on that underground. Yall herbs in trouble now
Fuck around click click pow then they gun you down.
This old feeling that im getting was just what i need
i had to get it like i know yall had enough of me.
don't sweat it. forget it. but wheres my company?
the way i floor it and pour it thats just my cup of tea.
Rap is the motive, Beats is the object.
put em both together i'm just tryna make a prophet.
taking out anyone who would try and stop it.
cutting off the dicks quick name Lorena Bobbitt. Honest
I said it once and i aint gotta speak loud.
See wow understand im discrete now.
i'm on the beats now. back up on my feet now.
Anybody got a problem speak now speak now!

You see im loaded with the glock.
niggas act bitch but they'll get popped.
talk the talk but these niggas wont walk
and you already know where i start Nigguh

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Nina Williams on my hip make her wilheim scream.
mind fuck a bitch nigga like mib
im so icy like a muthafuckin beartric sneeze
let my gat clap like johnny bravo thats a johnny gat
im tryna leech yo life and leech yo seeds
they try catch my steeze but its 20th prestige
got the ace in the hole gambit up in my sleeve
niggas all blue especially when they say they a beast
and im low like gliding im fast like noivern
flow godly like slypher cant kill me im kaiba
im king say im kaiser im beaming thats hyper
my defense like gliscor im ninja like scyther
yea you aint fuckin with kyoto
the kid kung pow chicken nigga when i enter the fist
giving women the biz why you all in my shizz
if you aint talking cheese im a turn you to swiss saitou.
Track Name: Bruce Lee Remix (DaDojo) ft. D-Shocka & JayJBeats
Bruce lee remix.

Call me Jah... Call me Jah... Call me Jack Chan!
Call me Van... Call me Van... Call me Van Damme!
Call me Wuh... Call me Wuh... Call me What you need!
I Bust back fuck that call me Bruce Lee!!!
Cant Fuck around with that Bruce. I run it down like Bruce
straight dumb you down this dudes a clown
i get around like bruce.

(PMC) (Bashido)
See the name ain't that hard to acknowledge.
Watch me kill the verse before its started
I'm a rap martial artist packing a cartridge.
blow a kiss to the departed.

When it's hammer time. I keep a camera by
so I can Vandalize just what you fantasize.
And what I analyze is a pair of thighs
but I'm a samurai the way I handle mines.

Acting all brolic but u niggas ain't broly.
Only black belts is welcomed to my party
shots of Bacardi then it's back to my lobby.
wild in this game bitch call me jumanji.

Shouts to Kyoto. Usually I'm solo.
But I'm tryna get some mo dough
so today I brought my brolos.
And I guess I'm kinda loco
but fuck I'm being local.
Crazy nigga out da dojo
it's Bashido Yamamoto.

Let me do dis shit correct dey say I do dis shit da best
watching breaking bad while I'm breaking wave
p an kryz put me on tape
do it big like her ass tho u kno dat it's fake
shocka da one to put niggaz in place
mad positive my nigga fuck da hate
silver smile when u see da face
an we all eatin so we sayin grace
wit da kicks hittin like Bruce lee
beat hittin like Bruce lee
when us niggas get on da track it's like we're shooting a movie

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Im gone off that saki nightclub ID
she feeding me pocky
asian bitch nice tits it look something like takis
got me hot like a bag of them takis
ash pickachu with a G shock still couldnt shock me
cooking up shit like im working hibachi
katon on a nigga with my robe from akatsuki
drenched in that sauce i call it sriarchi
once upon a time in china
i was crouching tigers like a muthafucking hidden dragon
with a house full of flying daggers ruroni kenshin
call me chen zhen im looking like ip man
wing chun muy thai taekwando
master with the feet hworang how i kick it though
36 chamber flow kung fu hustle till my fist become legend
and im the fuckin best at this asian shit

Lemme show these chuunins who I be
JayJ gunna Killem with this kungfu styley
Jumpin on this hot beat then turn it icey
Double quarter circle forward kicking in the scene

Basically spindrive smashing niggas like Cammy
Irrepressible force with a bitch like Juri
Us four on the beat leaving niggas necks moving
Half circle forward. With a punch like ibuki

Road runner for the first 8 spittin slower for the last 4
Dynamic entry through the 8 gates
eyebrows stay clean though
Lemme end it off on a strong sound
If this game was a desktop astro are the icons
so please stay in the background
Track Name: Fearless Hyenas (Bashido & Kyoto)
Fearless hyenas

"Been thru the war we ain't never shed a tear.
Couple dragons laughing we hyenas round here.
Been thru the war we ain't got shit to fear.
Couple dragons laughing we hyenas round here. "

(PMC) (Bashido)
Been thru the war we all here
Bringing that raw yea
Put me in the office for 4 years
All I see stress the poor there
No love its just war here
Living modern stuck in this warfare

Always be divorcing
Hoes I'm aborting
Sporting and supporting
While this orphan is cavorting

Putting all this work in
The pressure that I'm forcing
See i Sign my own endorsement
Cause I'm tryna make a fortune.

Now tell me do u Know who u fuckin wit?
Same nigga who be Tryna get the money quick
Hoes be the sluttiest, Attitudes the ugliest
Soon as I break her off I take her off the buddy list

Living life major
An That's word to capers
Middle Finger to the haters
While I'm fingering a geisha

Fucking wit these people
Youll Popped right thru peephole
Homey Ask my Brolo he know.
It's Kyoto and Bashido

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Im fearless nigga hou yuanjia
mizonji lost track fist and we labyrinth boxing
all in the streets for all the yen
even if we ending up im the pen for life ya hear
keep it close and hold it dear
they dropping them bombs but we still here
straight G bitch in a gi bitch hanfu
you should prolly just call me sifu
you aint safe in this hood get yo body snatched
they'll find that ass in a rice sack behind the wine shack
we got exploitation and reparations foreigners excavating
its sharks in the water but I'll be a martyr
put my tabi on focus chi and surf up on em defying gravity
they mad at me cuz my life sweet like cavities
make it rain like rayman raving raging rabbits
catching cannons leaving holes ill call you raditz
gettin mental like im ino we know its kyoto and bashido
team killing them like ah tung and ching lung nigga.
Track Name: S.I.M.S (Simply Imagining My Success)

(PMC) (Bashido)
Now I really ain't the type to hold hands.
Or the type to play slow jams.
Life gettin bitter like a old man.
Stay tuned to this program.

I let her know that I was into her.
Open legs let me enter her.
Salty hoes get vinegar
No mk but ill finish her.

This game I been played.
Killin shit since 10th grade.
Going off for 10 days
Schooling niggas like sensai .

Please homey don't temp may
Cause ill Squeeze the click till its emptay.
An i Really don't give a damn what they say.
Y'all niggas been gay, comprende? Salsa merengue.

Back in with 4 play.
Drunk as fuck for 4 days.
Ain't acknowledging what that whore says.
She parlayed. In my soirée.

If u talking shit Ill come off the hip.
I don't like to brag but I'm bout the biz
I got lots of it. It comes off the grid.
While Im countin it. you still counterfeit

Fine tryna get it how I'm living. how I'm living is a lil out of line.
Fucking wit ur mind. stimulation in my brain
but I gotta say its straining on my spine Getting on my grind
so I keep moving an cruisin while you losing
I be booming like a mine. Looping like a mime.
Clock go tick tick tock can't talk cause I'm running out of time.

"Cash I'm goin spend. Shout out to my friends.
I live my life real I swear to god I'm goin win.
Say that you begin. But listen you a sim
And you live your life fake so that means that you pretend.

Say I'm gonna lose nah listen ima win.
Because I killed this shit before an I can kill this shit again.
Swear to god y'all gone feel this shit. Ima kill this shit again till it muthafuckin ends. Nigguh"

(Krysiz) (Kyoto)
Early nights late mornings gotta filipino and she wearing jordans
she michael kors it cuz i afford they love me lot cuz my eyes is foreign to a basic tourist i aint getting high i just hire flourist
i knock it down 911 im talking porsche but you knew of course
always been a jedi cuz i use the force i-d-k
but i rise like a phoenix no jean grey
but my pants black but they washed grey
filled to the rim with a little but of hen little jin please let em in
women full of sin party is japan spending all the yen
little bro akin treat em like kin tuner black let the tires spin
itachi in the booth silent like a mute never been a pyramid
but she say im cute i mean kawaii and you outta know why
japanese blossom feeling so awesome do what i say
got her dressing in cosplay girl you fire like exhaust from a nos tank banging it deep like a punch from a fosgate
never saving hoes i aint never had a red cape
no pokemon red monkey on you red apes
love the color purple cuz im always feeling royal
rubbing on my back while im getting fed grapes
got the asians acting like my jeans yea they 10 deep
share what she think why i never sleep play in the sheets
make her eyes chink when im in the pink running like a sink
got her saying sheesh when she hit the peak got her ass weak
acting like a album how i let it leak YEAAAAAA
Track Name: Cxke & Xce (Got Me Feeling Like)
Cxke & Xce

(PMC) (Bashido)
Can I get a couples shots of ciroc.
Pour it in full throttle.
Matter fact now hold the rocks.
An pass me that whole bottle.
See i let these people talk.
Who wish to win the lotto.
Tell her bobble on my nozzle
why this model loves to gargle.

Trying get a bite today.
Tryna make that flight today.
Plus I feel right to say
ill beat that pussy like right away.

Tell me it's enough
Prolly ima front.
Cause I'm cocky when I'm sober
and I'm a mobster when I'm drunk

look I ain't tryna tell you twice. Repeat.
Buy the bar shit fuck the price. Repeat.
I'm tryna win bitch roll the dice. Repeat.
I'm a poltergeist. Better hold your wife
what I sacrafice for that coke n ice.

Yea that's all on the table.
Clear eyes paralyzed so disabled.
Can't see straight Jose Cuervo.
Stay with the colors I'm colored rainbow.
So hot calliente that's fuego.
Clever with whatever an she never say no.
Banking I am ranking on the gold payroll
yea I know she easy to mold claydoh.

This going be the day that ima live my life.
For this you gotta train just to get it right.
No matter what's the cost I can pay the price.
Cause this coke & ice got me feelin like.......

Coke & ice coke & ice got me feelin nice. *repeat.

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
I Gotta tron bike and you ride harley and she ride hardly
if she make a jester then i ride harley
and momma love the meat no icarly
im high in the sky like a damn starly
We can make movie staryu and then starmie
bite like charlie i kilt a whole army
in my arms reach when i take the masamune
from the muthafuckin sheath
Listen to this slow jam we can do the coke dance
we on fire lets hold hands no pokemon let ya nose pass
this white stuff is on par on a different planet call it swtor
we cookin shit like wonton with these asian girls eating bon bons
Im seeing you in a different view
im seeing you in a different view
im seeing you in a different you
im seeing you in a different you
Coke and ice nigga leaning
Kyoto and bashido always scheming
gotta be uncharted thats a thieves end
im the best doa like ein
Hayate you not meh can't nobody stop meh
im hot as picante you to young so may.
Track Name: GoeCypha (BCK&4TH)
GoeCypha (P)MC & (K)ryciz

(P) Took about a year but we still here.

(K) Clawing for the top and we so near

(P) Feeling like I'm rogue here.
rolling in my pro gear.

(K) The whole world like oh dear
cuz we killin em with no fear

(P) Partners in crime we like lemon lime.

(K) Drop the lean in my cup have it slowing time

(P) Pacing in my state of mind.
While staying on my skating grind.
I hate your rhymes.
Treat y'all like my hoes an tell you stay in line.

(K) Im like chupacabra going stupid call it baka

(P) A celebration wit the mobsters.
Bring the lobsters get the vodka.

(K) Cuz we finna snatch the Oscar
gettin toppa from ya momma

(P) I'm a rocker fuck her proper
let imposters bring the drama. Nigguh

(K) Givenchy collar balenciaga my flow is narly

(P) Feelin cooler? I'll smack your jeweler no avianne.

(K) Zonda pagani mommy just call her moni
exchanging thangs just like armani
Giuseppe saint laurent yea its foreign

(P) Grip the gauge. You'll feel the rage. Bashido blades.

(K) Xenoblades we got them thangs just call it reyn

(P) Call the hitters they got the clippers they giving fades

(K) Glass house no escapades
we dine exquisite geisha maids

(P) Da Dojo is where I reside

(K) asian bitches im inside

(P) pedal to the metal like the devil when I hit recline.

(K) bejita san my final shine

(P) its looking like a homocide

(K) bodies hanging from sky call it magic like wah lah

(P) Im getting mine like doing 5 for felonies.

(K) kumogakure im slicing shit like killer bee

(P) She looking fine I'm tryna line that melody.

(K) to linguistic im looking mystic like celebi

(P) This is who I plan to be

(K) i absol this calamity

(P) Ask me who I do this for I do this for my family.
Thinking you can handle me
you fucking wit insanity. Profanity
I hit ya then I strip ya for ya vanity.
Track Name: Redemption (The Road) ft. NegroSaki

"Young warriors, I advise you,
put away all feelings of bloodlust and aggression
Use your blade only as a tool of protection
Protect your families and protect your village
from men who only seek to destroy and pillage"

(PMC) (Bashido)
A treaty don't mean shit if there's no common ground.
Swords clenched in my fist would surely calm em down.
Come spar with p I'll give you knowledge rounds.
Stars in town my foes flows mediocre watered down.

Back in it. Back in the rap kitchen.
Keepin them macs grinning
I'm winning while lack listen.
My blade that they Black smithing
Preparing for ass kicking
now call me a tactician.
for ripping my last mission.

Who can top me. I'm feeling rocky you cannot stop me.
Screwed an choppy. She call me papi I'm gettin stalky
Being cocky I leave the bodies Weak an sloppy.
Try to copy get bodied I'm bout my wisdom negrosaki.

Copping feels you get the deal. Fuck how you feel.
Make you squeal I keep it real with lot of deals.
Pause and yield I got the kill
Can't block with shields so forreal .
Blood on the blade Hattori Hanzo steel.

Be the master of your sword, do not let it master you
Maintain self control, no matter how many enemies are after you
This isn't like the other Samurai teachings,
that many seek to be knowing
If you must face defeat, don't end your life, but rather, keep going"

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
I wish a nigga would like shenron
people like you notice me kyoto you my senpai
all the girlys screamin like can we do the henta
i gotta mask on i aint washing whites but i got that bankai
Gappa zukin kusari katabira karuta
Ancient times im talkin Back in the days of sengoku
Kuji kiri taoism talisman china nigga Mizugumo
on my feet doe Fukiya in yo neck hoe
All these weapons im learning lessons on all you pheasants
just call the reverend the si xiong in our presence
the rose petals from ya body yea i see it pleasant
im coming thru to you to make sure you dont have descendants
Im only saying guano cuz i know music caca
women bowing down to me like my name chicaca
im getting yuan and yen dinero and them pesos
i kick it with the green hornet nigga just call me kato.
Track Name: Fable (The Last Supper) ft. Yuria

(Yuria Hook)
Itsumo nani mo shiranaide, Kimi wa ikite iru.
Keredomo kono mama de, Kimi wa uso mitai
no Gūwa de ikite ite Tsudzukeru. . .

"Living life.... not knowing whats inside. Despite that you been living like.. your whole life is a written Lie...a Fable.."

(PMC) (Bashido)
Ugh get me on the beat.
Yall be thuggin y'all be gunnin y'all don't run these streets.
Y'all lames is frauds. Y'all can't fuck with me.
For a small price that's yo life my nigga talk is cheap.

my girls come in six flavors.
Neva gave a fuck for bitch haters.
Watch me melt the shit like heat lazers
You the beggin type gettin favors.

Being flame with that fire.
You a pathological liar.
An I'm a risk taker. She a dick taster.
I'm a dictator hail hydra! Gone.

Been a couple years but I'm back in here.
Homey check my gear that designer wear.
I heard that there was action there.
But really they just acting there.
All up in face give me space like the stratosphere.
Move I need to get with times
an my time isn't something I lose.
Thinking it's rude? If you feeling some ways what I say
is pertaining to you.

This what I do. Off the dome.
fuckin Kim so it's possible. .
Too much estrogen that u lettin in.
But u needa get testosterone. Fag!

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Infinite tsukiyomi just look up in the sky
im bringing happiness to everyone but its a lie
but in this world you never cry and nobody dies
just happy time like all the time so come on and take this ride
To a perfect world with a perfect girl
you look good and yo car fast
you got side hoes and they all smash
new wardrobe and its still tagged
new jays on and you the man nobody
do it like you can your almighty
gotta smile on yo face with a frown slightly
cuz yo friends fake and they want ya fame
and it pulls you down cuz you gotta weighted name
see death in a picture thats a fatal frame
came from a city that play hunger games
when it rains it pours theres rich theres poor
there's real then fake so own up to mistakes
so fuck you and who you aint nigga
blood what i use to paint pictures
i write rhymes spit scriptures
gotta new girl with a new gixxer
if you aint talking bout paper then im ed with the scissors
in the closet ass niggas im call you Smithers
been lost my faith so my heart like a winter
and i been this real gonna stay till i wither.
Track Name: Any Last Prayers (Outro) ft. Raisi K.
Last Prayers

(HOOK Raisi K.)
"Any last prayers cause this gone be your life today.
How do you plead 4 we need to take your life away?

Nah nah see I ain't got no words to say.
Nah nah I ain't got no more to say.

A hundred dead bodies. Villages burnt to flames.
An u still telling me that you ain't got shit to say?

Nah nah see I ain't got no words to say.
Nah nah I ain't got no more to say."

(PMC) (Bashido)
A hard ship I spit hard shit to save my life.
I ain't the playing type but I would play your wife.
All types of shots from the cannon with the laser lights.
And it'll be a cold day in hell before you take my life.

Honestly most of you niggas ain't harming me.
Plus most of you niggas ain't fond of me.
So I got tombstones for your moms to read. Honestly..
Fucking scams in the lottery.
Couple clips in my armory.
& I'm Mastermind in this robbery. But..

Sometimes shit goes worst than what you plan to see.
So why I have plan A best believed I'm planning B.
Got my ride bitch who can't keep her hands off of me.
Giving me that top for free an
Always pleads im what she needs.
I swear just ask her. Shorty was an actor.
What I'm about to say is gone fill you up with laughter.
Then right after I filled her up with plaster
An after I roast I was ghost like Casper. (Ask Her)

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Im the man in the darkness i love the sound of blood spill
just the mention of my name is enough to give em all chills
black hooded black soul red eyes dark mind
fearless hyenas yall behind
straight up kill it and pillage ya village cyllage
the illest to ever wield it You gone need a guild bitch
this clan i built it angels outfield it
love i dont feel it these niggas im a kill em
Mass murderer you must be sick if you aint heard of em
his legacy perceives to be journaled up
many have fallen to slay shit his calling
his occupation is balling when unleashed he's mauling
over 7000 deaths in the past couple months
something like a cannibal your torso is for lunch
predators collect heads my room has a bunch
on a pike this my life only light muah goodnight.

(PMC Outro Statement)
Welcome all see y'all was gathered hear today.
To hear the tape and take in all the words that we gotta say.
See Most of y'all would love to see us fail an not prevail
But smile in our face facades hiding how y'all really feel.

An some of y'all are gonna hide what's inside your heart.
Taking part Claiming y'all was rocking with us from the start.
All I know is art. Drown that ass like Noah's ark.
Asis said it best fuck the rest
now y'all can go with god. Nigguh