Bruce Lee Remix (DaDojo) ft. D​-​Shocka & JayJBeats

from by PMC & Kryciz



Had to bring fellow rap martial artist along. Bashido & Kyoto team up with long time friends.


Bruce lee remix.

Call me Jah... Call me Jah... Call me Jack Chan!
Call me Van... Call me Van... Call me Van Damme!
Call me Wuh... Call me Wuh... Call me What you need!
I Bust back fuck that call me Bruce Lee!!!
Cant Fuck around with that Bruce. I run it down like Bruce
straight dumb you down this dudes a clown
i get around like bruce.

(PMC) (Bashido)
See the name ain't that hard to acknowledge.
Watch me kill the verse before its started
I'm a rap martial artist packing a cartridge.
blow a kiss to the departed.

When it's hammer time. I keep a camera by
so I can Vandalize just what you fantasize.
And what I analyze is a pair of thighs
but I'm a samurai the way I handle mines.

Acting all brolic but u niggas ain't broly.
Only black belts is welcomed to my party
shots of Bacardi then it's back to my lobby.
wild in this game bitch call me jumanji.

Shouts to Kyoto. Usually I'm solo.
But I'm tryna get some mo dough
so today I brought my brolos.
And I guess I'm kinda loco
but fuck I'm being local.
Crazy nigga out da dojo
it's Bashido Yamamoto.

Let me do dis shit correct dey say I do dis shit da best
watching breaking bad while I'm breaking wave
p an kryz put me on tape
do it big like her ass tho u kno dat it's fake
shocka da one to put niggaz in place
mad positive my nigga fuck da hate
silver smile when u see da face
an we all eatin so we sayin grace
wit da kicks hittin like Bruce lee
beat hittin like Bruce lee
when us niggas get on da track it's like we're shooting a movie

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Im gone off that saki nightclub ID
she feeding me pocky
asian bitch nice tits it look something like takis
got me hot like a bag of them takis
ash pickachu with a G shock still couldnt shock me
cooking up shit like im working hibachi
katon on a nigga with my robe from akatsuki
drenched in that sauce i call it sriarchi
once upon a time in china
i was crouching tigers like a muthafucking hidden dragon
with a house full of flying daggers ruroni kenshin
call me chen zhen im looking like ip man
wing chun muy thai taekwando
master with the feet hworang how i kick it though
36 chamber flow kung fu hustle till my fist become legend
and im the fuckin best at this asian shit

Lemme show these chuunins who I be
JayJ gunna Killem with this kungfu styley
Jumpin on this hot beat then turn it icey
Double quarter circle forward kicking in the scene

Basically spindrive smashing niggas like Cammy
Irrepressible force with a bitch like Juri
Us four on the beat leaving niggas necks moving
Half circle forward. With a punch like ibuki

Road runner for the first 8 spittin slower for the last 4
Dynamic entry through the 8 gates
eyebrows stay clean though
Lemme end it off on a strong sound
If this game was a desktop astro are the icons
so please stay in the background


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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