Cxke & Xce (Got Me Feeling Like)

from by PMC & Kryciz



Live your life for that Cxke & Xce


Cxke & Xce

(PMC) (Bashido)
Can I get a couples shots of ciroc.
Pour it in full throttle.
Matter fact now hold the rocks.
An pass me that whole bottle.
See i let these people talk.
Who wish to win the lotto.
Tell her bobble on my nozzle
why this model loves to gargle.

Trying get a bite today.
Tryna make that flight today.
Plus I feel right to say
ill beat that pussy like right away.

Tell me it's enough
Prolly ima front.
Cause I'm cocky when I'm sober
and I'm a mobster when I'm drunk

look I ain't tryna tell you twice. Repeat.
Buy the bar shit fuck the price. Repeat.
I'm tryna win bitch roll the dice. Repeat.
I'm a poltergeist. Better hold your wife
what I sacrafice for that coke n ice.

Yea that's all on the table.
Clear eyes paralyzed so disabled.
Can't see straight Jose Cuervo.
Stay with the colors I'm colored rainbow.
So hot calliente that's fuego.
Clever with whatever an she never say no.
Banking I am ranking on the gold payroll
yea I know she easy to mold claydoh.

This going be the day that ima live my life.
For this you gotta train just to get it right.
No matter what's the cost I can pay the price.
Cause this coke & ice got me feelin like.......

Coke & ice coke & ice got me feelin nice. *repeat.

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
I Gotta tron bike and you ride harley and she ride hardly
if she make a jester then i ride harley
and momma love the meat no icarly
im high in the sky like a damn starly
We can make movie staryu and then starmie
bite like charlie i kilt a whole army
in my arms reach when i take the masamune
from the muthafuckin sheath
Listen to this slow jam we can do the coke dance
we on fire lets hold hands no pokemon let ya nose pass
this white stuff is on par on a different planet call it swtor
we cookin shit like wonton with these asian girls eating bon bons
Im seeing you in a different view
im seeing you in a different view
im seeing you in a different you
im seeing you in a different you
Coke and ice nigga leaning
Kyoto and bashido always scheming
gotta be uncharted thats a thieves end
im the best doa like ein
Hayate you not meh can't nobody stop meh
im hot as picante you to young so may.


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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