F​.​H​.​Y​.​F (Intro)

from by PMC & Kryciz



This is the beginning to FHV1. The song gives a little insight to PMC (Bashido) & Kryciz (Kyoto) real life.



Fuck how you feel..... Imma Keep It Real...

(PMC) (Bashido)
Fucks wrong with this world today.
I'm tryna get by in this world today.
I'm tryna slip an slide wit ur girl today
& As long as I'm alive yea you heard me say.
I'm pretty sure u don't live for free. Is it pretty absurd that I live for me. I'm just tryna see that victory
an I don't really give a fuck if u ain't feeling P. (so)

My dad gettin dark see they dimming his lights.
& he might just face time for the rest of his life.
An my moms feels so left. She can't figure what's right.
& I'm havin these thoughts about flipping this white.
An my life is so blessed but I'm sketchy bout Christ.
An my ex with her ex so she left me in spite.
That my life was so dim but she made it so bright.
That's the one line she gets from the shit that I write.

Packing the flubber. Stay with 2 stacks of the butter.
One to the Rim & the gym. Crash dummy muh fucka
u don't get ass muh fucka. Bring me the glass with the gin.
ima mack muhfucka. Cheese on the trap muh fucka
Stay away from u rat muh fuckas
gotta prolly be the reason when I rap i don't stutter
Out the gutter. Getting owned by this fat muh fucka. Muh fucka

Back to the story I bleed
Y'all act so I'm Back to assassin y'all creed.
I rap so she loves all the ways that I beast.
See my dick giving gas an her pussy on E.

I been gone for a minute. But I'm back what's the business.
Who could rap with illest yo Kyoto let me kill it.
took the game an put a dent in. I ain't fuckin wit u peasants
But u fucking with a menace. Took my name an reinvent it like....

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Lil mutt nigga yes i gotta plan.
dad left a year ago i can't feed the fam.
fuck the whole world cuz my shit fell apart.
niggas wanna fade to black Kyoto get dark.
i'm floating with the demons swimming with the sharks.
life a anime start a new arc.
blood sports nigga i never took a loss.
shit stay solid call me big boss.

no faith in a man got no faith in a bitch.
only scars that i have are the cuts on my wrist.
I can't get a grip. im really 2 people dam what a twist.
dancing with the devil all i see is mirrors.
HD pictures it couldn't be clearer.
blood from my eyes i only see my self.
Killing myself damn i need help.

Man fuck how you feel with a aids dick.
so close to the fame i can taste it.
link to the past with a mask and some poison in a flask.
have you praying for yo last in the basement.
like a zoldyck, how i faced death.
have yo life gone in just one breath.
must've feel from the heavens.
one winged angel im looking like sephi.
key to this shit like nigga using klefki.
running this raid stars been ready.
dishonor on kyoto niggas be headed.
Tokyo Japan where them niggas be headed.
Blood on my blade man i think i gotta fettish.
annull these niggas Bashido lemme finish.
Never had a feel so i gotta kill link my skills
like a tenma with a deal.
cursed seal man its fuck how you feel!


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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