Fable (The Last Supper) ft. Yuria

from by PMC & Kryciz



Special thank you to Yuria for doing the chorus. this song talks about people wearing facades.



(Yuria Hook)
Itsumo nani mo shiranaide, Kimi wa ikite iru.
Keredomo kono mama de, Kimi wa uso mitai
no Gūwa de ikite ite Tsudzukeru. . .

"Living life.... not knowing whats inside. Despite that you been living like.. your whole life is a written Lie...a Fable.."

(PMC) (Bashido)
Ugh get me on the beat.
Yall be thuggin y'all be gunnin y'all don't run these streets.
Y'all lames is frauds. Y'all can't fuck with me.
For a small price that's yo life my nigga talk is cheap.

my girls come in six flavors.
Neva gave a fuck for bitch haters.
Watch me melt the shit like heat lazers
You the beggin type gettin favors.

Being flame with that fire.
You a pathological liar.
An I'm a risk taker. She a dick taster.
I'm a dictator hail hydra! Gone.

Been a couple years but I'm back in here.
Homey check my gear that designer wear.
I heard that there was action there.
But really they just acting there.
All up in face give me space like the stratosphere.
Move I need to get with times
an my time isn't something I lose.
Thinking it's rude? If you feeling some ways what I say
is pertaining to you.

This what I do. Off the dome.
fuckin Kim so it's possible. .
Too much estrogen that u lettin in.
But u needa get testosterone. Fag!

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
Infinite tsukiyomi just look up in the sky
im bringing happiness to everyone but its a lie
but in this world you never cry and nobody dies
just happy time like all the time so come on and take this ride
To a perfect world with a perfect girl
you look good and yo car fast
you got side hoes and they all smash
new wardrobe and its still tagged
new jays on and you the man nobody
do it like you can your almighty
gotta smile on yo face with a frown slightly
cuz yo friends fake and they want ya fame
and it pulls you down cuz you gotta weighted name
see death in a picture thats a fatal frame
came from a city that play hunger games
when it rains it pours theres rich theres poor
there's real then fake so own up to mistakes
so fuck you and who you aint nigga
blood what i use to paint pictures
i write rhymes spit scriptures
gotta new girl with a new gixxer
if you aint talking bout paper then im ed with the scissors
in the closet ass niggas im call you Smithers
been lost my faith so my heart like a winter
and i been this real gonna stay till i wither.


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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