GoeCypha (BCK&4TH)

from by PMC & Kryciz



A back and fourth


GoeCypha (P)MC & (K)ryciz

(P) Took about a year but we still here.

(K) Clawing for the top and we so near

(P) Feeling like I'm rogue here.
rolling in my pro gear.

(K) The whole world like oh dear
cuz we killin em with no fear

(P) Partners in crime we like lemon lime.

(K) Drop the lean in my cup have it slowing time

(P) Pacing in my state of mind.
While staying on my skating grind.
I hate your rhymes.
Treat y'all like my hoes an tell you stay in line.

(K) Im like chupacabra going stupid call it baka

(P) A celebration wit the mobsters.
Bring the lobsters get the vodka.

(K) Cuz we finna snatch the Oscar
gettin toppa from ya momma

(P) I'm a rocker fuck her proper
let imposters bring the drama. Nigguh

(K) Givenchy collar balenciaga my flow is narly

(P) Feelin cooler? I'll smack your jeweler no avianne.

(K) Zonda pagani mommy just call her moni
exchanging thangs just like armani
Giuseppe saint laurent yea its foreign

(P) Grip the gauge. You'll feel the rage. Bashido blades.

(K) Xenoblades we got them thangs just call it reyn

(P) Call the hitters they got the clippers they giving fades

(K) Glass house no escapades
we dine exquisite geisha maids

(P) Da Dojo is where I reside

(K) asian bitches im inside

(P) pedal to the metal like the devil when I hit recline.

(K) bejita san my final shine

(P) its looking like a homocide

(K) bodies hanging from sky call it magic like wah lah

(P) Im getting mine like doing 5 for felonies.

(K) kumogakure im slicing shit like killer bee

(P) She looking fine I'm tryna line that melody.

(K) to linguistic im looking mystic like celebi

(P) This is who I plan to be

(K) i absol this calamity

(P) Ask me who I do this for I do this for my family.
Thinking you can handle me
you fucking wit insanity. Profanity
I hit ya then I strip ya for ya vanity.


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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