Redemption (The Road) ft. NegroSaki

from by PMC & Kryciz



Big special shoutout and thanks to negrosaki for appearing on the hook saying words of wisdom along with adding strings to a collab with adolescentbeatz



"Young warriors, I advise you,
put away all feelings of bloodlust and aggression
Use your blade only as a tool of protection
Protect your families and protect your village
from men who only seek to destroy and pillage"

(PMC) (Bashido)
A treaty don't mean shit if there's no common ground.
Swords clenched in my fist would surely calm em down.
Come spar with p I'll give you knowledge rounds.
Stars in town my foes flows mediocre watered down.

Back in it. Back in the rap kitchen.
Keepin them macs grinning
I'm winning while lack listen.
My blade that they Black smithing
Preparing for ass kicking
now call me a tactician.
for ripping my last mission.

Who can top me. I'm feeling rocky you cannot stop me.
Screwed an choppy. She call me papi I'm gettin stalky
Being cocky I leave the bodies Weak an sloppy.
Try to copy get bodied I'm bout my wisdom negrosaki.

Copping feels you get the deal. Fuck how you feel.
Make you squeal I keep it real with lot of deals.
Pause and yield I got the kill
Can't block with shields so forreal .
Blood on the blade Hattori Hanzo steel.

Be the master of your sword, do not let it master you
Maintain self control, no matter how many enemies are after you
This isn't like the other Samurai teachings,
that many seek to be knowing
If you must face defeat, don't end your life, but rather, keep going"

(Kryciz) (Kyoto)
I wish a nigga would like shenron
people like you notice me kyoto you my senpai
all the girlys screamin like can we do the henta
i gotta mask on i aint washing whites but i got that bankai
Gappa zukin kusari katabira karuta
Ancient times im talkin Back in the days of sengoku
Kuji kiri taoism talisman china nigga Mizugumo
on my feet doe Fukiya in yo neck hoe
All these weapons im learning lessons on all you pheasants
just call the reverend the si xiong in our presence
the rose petals from ya body yea i see it pleasant
im coming thru to you to make sure you dont have descendants
Im only saying guano cuz i know music caca
women bowing down to me like my name chicaca
im getting yuan and yen dinero and them pesos
i kick it with the green hornet nigga just call me kato.


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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