S​.​I​.​M​.​S (Simply Imagining My Success)

from by PMC & Kryciz



Feel good!



(PMC) (Bashido)
Now I really ain't the type to hold hands.
Or the type to play slow jams.
Life gettin bitter like a old man.
Stay tuned to this program.

I let her know that I was into her.
Open legs let me enter her.
Salty hoes get vinegar
No mk but ill finish her.

This game I been played.
Killin shit since 10th grade.
Going off for 10 days
Schooling niggas like sensai .

Please homey don't temp may
Cause ill Squeeze the click till its emptay.
An i Really don't give a damn what they say.
Y'all niggas been gay, comprende? Salsa merengue.

Back in with 4 play.
Drunk as fuck for 4 days.
Ain't acknowledging what that whore says.
She parlayed. In my soirée.

If u talking shit Ill come off the hip.
I don't like to brag but I'm bout the biz
I got lots of it. It comes off the grid.
While Im countin it. you still counterfeit

Fine tryna get it how I'm living. how I'm living is a lil out of line.
Fucking wit ur mind. stimulation in my brain
but I gotta say its straining on my spine Getting on my grind
so I keep moving an cruisin while you losing
I be booming like a mine. Looping like a mime.
Clock go tick tick tock can't talk cause I'm running out of time.

"Cash I'm goin spend. Shout out to my friends.
I live my life real I swear to god I'm goin win.
Say that you begin. But listen you a sim
And you live your life fake so that means that you pretend.

Say I'm gonna lose nah listen ima win.
Because I killed this shit before an I can kill this shit again.
Swear to god y'all gone feel this shit. Ima kill this shit again till it muthafuckin ends. Nigguh"

(Krysiz) (Kyoto)
Early nights late mornings gotta filipino and she wearing jordans
she michael kors it cuz i afford they love me lot cuz my eyes is foreign to a basic tourist i aint getting high i just hire flourist
i knock it down 911 im talking porsche but you knew of course
always been a jedi cuz i use the force i-d-k
but i rise like a phoenix no jean grey
but my pants black but they washed grey
filled to the rim with a little but of hen little jin please let em in
women full of sin party is japan spending all the yen
little bro akin treat em like kin tuner black let the tires spin
itachi in the booth silent like a mute never been a pyramid
but she say im cute i mean kawaii and you outta know why
japanese blossom feeling so awesome do what i say
got her dressing in cosplay girl you fire like exhaust from a nos tank banging it deep like a punch from a fosgate
never saving hoes i aint never had a red cape
no pokemon red monkey on you red apes
love the color purple cuz im always feeling royal
rubbing on my back while im getting fed grapes
got the asians acting like my jeans yea they 10 deep
share what she think why i never sleep play in the sheets
make her eyes chink when im in the pink running like a sink
got her saying sheesh when she hit the peak got her ass weak
acting like a album how i let it leak YEAAAAAA


from Fearless Hyenas Vol. 1, released August 5, 2014
Produced by AdolescentBeatz



all rights reserved


DaDoJo Boston, Massachusetts

Natsu Fuji.

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